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Monday, January 25, 2010

Keys to lliving a healthy lifestyle

- Excercise
- Eat spicy food
- Drinking, yeah well not a ton just enough to kill all the bacteria inside of you
- Sleep, if you dont sleep a lot, trick your body into thinking its not tired, it works
- Eat some fatty foods
- Stretch/Yoga
- Drink Hi-C
- Get fresh air

Just some free tips, I might have to write a book

Sunday, January 24, 2010


- The vikings lost, it was a tough game to watch because they turned the ball over like 5 or 6 times which is not gonna help you win games. I do believe the Refs screwed them in OT when they called pass interference on Ben Leber, Oh well sometimes i wonder why people invest so much time is something they cant control.

- It was a good weekend prior to the vikings lost, no hangovers so that is always a victory.

- Dyslexia story: Back in the day when i was playing baseball, we were at a ballpark that had a deck along the 3rd base line with a little restaurant and they had a sign that said "No Grills on Deck". I looked at it And thought it said "No Girls on Deck", i thought it was kinda sexist but at the end of the game i realized it did in fact say "Grills" hahah

- Peyton Manning is ugly

- Happy belated birthday to my niece Norelle, quite the cutie.

- The office last week sucked

- Hopefully my tax return nets me a good amount of money to blow on the finer things in life.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skol Vikings

Vikings Win

And Jerry Jones is a wrinkled skin F**k

And the packers are done too

All is good in the hood

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quotes that will be famous some day/ Top 5 reality shows I would like to star on

By: yours truly

"Its not about what you do everyday, its how you do it"


"Everbodys poop stinks"

Top 5 Reality shows I would star on

5. Big Brother- Pretty sure there would be major hooking up in my bedroom

4. Survivor- It would just be cool to be in a warm climate and have a chance to win 1million dolla, and i am a physical beast

3. Dancing with the stars- I can bust a move or 2

2. The real House Husbands of Hollywood- Its everyguys dream to have a wife who brings home the cash while a man dude runs the house duties

1. Charlie and Kate Plus 8- It would pretty much be like #2 but with 8 kids

Honorable Mention

The Hills
American Idle

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

whats up guys, i am on the road near chicago visiting my buddy eric who just recently became a naval academy grad. we went up to some irish place and now were just chillen with our good friend morgan.. not dexter but captian, if my spelling is bad i dont give a shit becasue i am on a mac and my man hands are too big for the keyboard. so what did you guys do for new years, hopefully you were safe and used protection, as in a taxi or sober cab. And i am wearing my lucky shirt tonight so if all goes right something good could happen hahah. la8er