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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 things everyone should do before they die

1. Visit Wine (Napa) country
2. Buy a meal for a homeless person
3. Take a ride by yourself with a random stranger in a foreign country
4. Stay up all night
5. Give a hitch hiker a ride
6. Hook up with an famous person/super model
7. Write a blog
8. When a telemarketer calls, act real interested for 10 minutes and then hangup
9. Sleep naked
10. Be naked for the whole day
11. Grow a beard
12. Eat something from a dirty food cart in a big city
13. Get married in Vegas
14. Visit a gay club
15. Fast for 2 days
16. Do inappropriate things on a beach i.e- things related to 10 above
17. Get a massage
18. Mix business with pleasure
19. Write a poem/song
20. Make homemade bread
21. Visit Italy with a lover
22. Do a keg stand
23. Drive coast to coast
24. Do scuba
25. Visit some kind of festival
26. Booze Cruise
27. Walk Home 4+ miles
28. Fail miserably
29. Create your own style
30. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations

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