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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 8 beers for the non-poor/if you can afford it then drink it

8. Dos Equis- giving mexico some spanish loving
7. Leines Honey Weiss- Keeping it classy for your honey
5. Schells Firebrick- Its darker but sometimes darker is good
5. Grain Belt Premium- They pay me for this, and its good
4. Leines Oktoberfest- it wont be oktsober fest, thats for sure
3. Stella Artois- Its Belgiumese I think, somewhere in europe
2. Salva Vida- Not many of you have ever heard it, but if your ever in honduras drink 1 or 2 or 14
1. Rolling Rock- like a rock


  1. If you aren't drinking the Thai staple Singha, you're not truly enjoying your privileged life among the non-poor...

  2. Charles, where would you blog be without me & my friends?