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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sorry Fans, Ive been lacking in awesomeness lately, my computer has a virus and im taking my time on getting it fixed so i havent had a ton of time to blog, but my computer is fixed, i just need to learn how to set it up to the internet which is not as easy as it seems. If anyone who reads this happens to have a nice futon and perhaps a 56 inch plasma tv, get at me. Also something that you might like if you like breakfast is oat crunch cherios, and also french vanilla yo plait yogurt, they are both healthy and good tasting in your mouth. Ive been trying to eat healthy on weekdays becasue i usually cancel it out by doing unhealthy stuff on the weekends, but you only live once right? Team USA's hockey run was pretty fun to follow, its always nice to represent your country by watching them on the tv screen with a BIH.


  1. Sabrina and I understand.

    your fans

  2. I do understand.
    You are always missed when you go away.