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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Truth

There has been too much news about the new health care reform bill being passed, and to be honest I know as much about this health bill as Tiger knows about being with 1 girl. Last night I heard on the news that people are actually threating senators who approved the bill by sending letters and soaking an american flag in gasoline(seriously if you consider yourself an american, dont fucking soak an american flag in gas). I am guessing these are the people who attack the referee at thier childs basketblall game because they didnt call a foul. I am also guessing that if these people have the time to think of shit like this they probably have enought cash in the bank to afford their own health care. I mean think about it, lets say a 10 year old kid has a minor infection or illness and its family does not have health insurance so they just let it go and it gets worse and worse and eventually causes him to pass away. On the other hand the kid's family does get health care becasue of this bill, and 20 years down the road this kid discovers a cure for cancer. Boom, you who were all pissed that this bill got passed has cancer, oh and some kid who was able to get health care because of this bill suddenly has a cure for you. Now what, thats right. The botttom line is istead of worrying about stupid shit, take time to relax and get away however way you choose to.

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